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May trip to South Korea - 2

Second day at South Korea. Today is Friday, a bright day, as the weather forecast said.
As usually, we wake up early in the morning.  After take shower, we go down stair (our room at 2nd floor).

Sinchon hostel had 2 building, not connected each other. We seperated into 2 room with different building. I stay at another one with my friends not at the main building, other stay at main building.. Registration, kitchen, at main building.

Our breakfast is noodle (we cook it), toaster bread with strawberry jam, and a cup of cereal, just a simple breakfast. After finish my breakfast, I check email from available PC.
Since we’re already at the kitchen at 7 o’clock in the morning, so nobody there, only 4 of us, like private home. And we didn’t have to queue to cook.

Today trip: Nami Island – Petite France – Jogyesa Temple – Cheonggye Cheon – Dongdaemun.

At 8 o’oclok we depart to Nami Island by subway.
Many way to reach Nami Island (in hangul : 남이섬 namisoem).
  1. The simplest way.
By bus from Insadong (Tapgol Park), Seoul - fare won 23,000 (round trip bus fare include admission fee).  (02-753-1247) - 09.30 s/d 16.00.
Book before depature day – the bus always full book.
  1. By Train.
Go to Cheongnyangni Station, take train to Gapyeong station. Fare +/- won 3.500. Then ride taxi to Nami Island.
Train Schedule (Cheongnyangni→Gangchon): 06:15 07:05 07:55 08:50 09:45 10:30 11:35 12:45 13:35 14:25 15:20 16:15 17:30 18:20 19:10 20:05 20:55 21:40 22:20
Don’t forget to pay attention with the notification, get off at Gapyeong station.
  1. By Subway.
Just take Subway to Gapyeong station. Fare +/- won 2.000 and continue with taxi to Nami Isand.

Of course we took subway. The journey take 90 minutes, exchange train at Sangbong station. But we get off at Wangsimpri station first, we had to change train here. And walk to exit 4 toward to wangsimni square. Wangsimni train station was here, exit 4.

Why we had to go there (wangsimni square)?
Because I’m gonna take photograph with angels wing, as I saw at Suju KRY MV  “FLY”. The MV was made at here.
Address : Wangsimni-ro-20-gil (왕십리로20)

But the picture already change. At the MV there were 3 angel wings, but now there were only one. Even the painting was great, compare with angels wing at the MV, I still prefer the wings at the MV, because it’s show many side of the wings.

After that we continue our journey, back to subway station. Take subway to Gapyeong station.

Arrived at Gapyeong station. How to go Nami Island from here, there were 2 ways :
  1. Simplest one : take taxi – fare +/- won 3.000 (max).
  2. The other: by Gapyeong City Tour Bus – fare won 5.000, but you can go to many destination, only with one tickets. Buy ticket on the bus (with the bus driver).
Gapyeong City Tour Bus route : Cheongpyeong station – Cheongpyeong terminal - Petite France – Nami Island – Gapyeong station – Gapyeong terminal.
      3.    By Local Bus – Number can be found at bus stop – fare won 1.000

I planned to take Gapyeong City Tour bus (since we’re going to visit Petite France too) – but when we arrived there, it’s already 10 pm, the bus already left, last bus is 09.15 and the next bus is 12.15. So we take taxi – fare won 2.700 (+/- 7 minutes).

Arrived at Nami island tourist information, we bought ticket won 8.000 (include round trip ferry) +/- 15 minutes.
There’s another way get in Nami Island with out ride ferry. By Nami Skyline Zip Wire, cost won 38.000, round trip include admission. Only take 5 minutes. http://www.ziprider.com/rides/nami-island/
It’s too expensive for us, so we get in by ferry.

Last night I watch WGM – Dimple couple – Teukso (one of variety show at SBS TV) Ep 24. They went to Nami Island with Skyline Zipwire. First, they go upstair with elevator, then made registration. There were only 2 line upstair (side by side), they sat on the “chair” with leg bend at “the door”, and the officer help them tight “the rope”.  After they ready, the officer open “the door” with button.

Beside the Nami Skyline Zipwire, there were Bungge jumping. When I pass it, there was a man prepare to jump. I have no information about the bungee jumping.
Back to our trip. There were many people already queue at the warf, most of them was tour tourism.
Here is the ferry schedule :
to Namiseom Island: 07:30/08:00/08:40-18:00 (Every 15-20 minutes / On weekends and holidays, every 10-15 minutes) /18:30/19:00/19:30/20:00/20:30/21:00/21:30
From Namiseom Island: 07:35/08:05/08:40-18:00 (Every 15-20 minutes / On weekends and holidays, every 10-15 minutes) /18:35/19:05/19:35/20:05/20:35/21:05/21:35

The ferry was small, many flag from many countries, not chair inside. So we decide to go to the deck. But there were already many people there, not too convenient. Nothing much to see, and for me cross to Samosir Lake from Prapat – North Sumatra, Indonesia was much much better, with beautiful sky, beautiful scenery.

Nami Island site : http://www.namisum.com/
Opening hour : 08.00 – 21.00

Arrived at Nami Island, we were welcome by welcome gate and 3 officer wearing Hanbok. Many people take photograph here, of course we’ve got to queue.
As we walk inside many small statue in front, there were snack store (but not Naminara special snack, just common snack). Also there were toilet there, so I went to toilet first. Actually there were toilet inside, near the restaurant, but deep inside the island there were no toilet.

First things to do : rent bike.
As we walk to rental bike, we cross many good spot to take photograph. Get in Naminara early in the morning is the best time, since at noon it will be crowded.

We rent bike for 1 hour, cost won 5.000 (half hour won 3.000, 2  hour won 10.000, etc) . We choose single rider, there were double rider bike too.
To rent bike, we had to leave our ID card behind. Just for guarantee we’ll return the bike. And there were late charge won 1.000 (every 10 minutes) if we were not on time return it.

So our adventure begin. As my personal opinion, Naminara view wasn’t good enough. One place I like the most is Winter Sonata pinus tree, and Naminara was good place to picnic. So don’t forget to brought some meals while visit it.

At noon we start to eat, we bring our own food. Choose one table (available many table there) and start to eat, while other peolple staring at us. And they said, “oh... they had lunch...”. Many people picnic here (I guest it was local people, since they brought mat).

After finish our simple meals, we decided to end our journey at Naminara. At 13.00 we leave naminara, at 13.00 the ferry already stand by at the warf.
After back to naminara Imigration, we go to minimarket, the were Naminara merchandise, such key change, wallet, towel, bag, for me not too cute.

I ask direction with the officer how to get bus from Nami Island to Petite France, and she said that we already miss the bus, the bus (Gapyeong City Tour Bus) already leave at 12.30, she advise to take cabs, fare won 40.000 – journey +/- 35 minutes.
To go Petite France with bus, just go to Family mart (pink building), the bus stop at there.

So we went to Family mart, buy some water and snack, and I decide to ride taxi back to Gapyeong station. From Gapyeong station we take subway to Cheongpyeong station (2 stop).

Arrived at Cheongpyeong station, I ask the officer for nearest Cheongpyeong bus stop. But the officer can’t spoke English.

Annyeonghaseyo, yeongeo (read : yong o) hal jul aseyo?”
안녕하세요, 영어 아세?
“Hallo, do you speak English?”

As the officer went to the office to ask other officer to help, suddenly there was a kind ajoessi help, “ May I help you?” Then I ask direction to go to Cheongpyeong bus stop.
And you know what, the bus stop was far away from the station. To go there, we had to walk to main street, then go straight till first turn, turn right, then walk straight, then turn left, then just walk till you find the bus stop. Ajoessi said, it was far away, I said thank you to him then back to my friends.

I don’t think I gonna walk that far, I told my friends to ride taxi. When we walk to exit from the station, suddenly ajoessi offering a ride to Petite France. I was kinda surprise, there was a nice person offering a ride to Petite France.
Omo.... God must know that all of us already tired, so send a kind person to us. Thank you God, I love you so much.....

Direction to Petite France, from Cheongpyeong bus stop fare won 1.200, by cabs to Petite France fare won 16.000.
Do you want to know why ajoessi want to give an offered to me?
He said that my English is good, and he told me that I was brave – travelling to country that I didn’t know the language. Oh, what a lucky me. So learn language.... even my chinese language can be used here.
Also he surprise that a tourist know about Petite France. Petite France not too famous.

Along the way to Petite France, we cross a dam (dry dam – no water), similar with I saw at Running Man. I think Running Man (one of Korean TV Variety Show), become my guide traveling to South Korea. The street was winding, and the scenery was beautiful.

With car it takes 20 minutes to reach Petite France.
We say thank you to ajoessi.

“neomu gamsahamnida
너무 감사합니다
Thank you very much

안녕히 계세요
Good bye

“mannaseo bangapseumnida
만나서 반갑습니다!
Nice to meet you

Petite France became famous because of Korea Drama Series “Beethoven virus”, “Secret Graden”, but what made me want to visit it because of “Runnning Man – ep 40”, guest star 2PM, Nihckun and Taecyeon.

Petite France admission fee won 8.000
Opening hour : 09.00 – 18.00
Location : Cheongpyeong-myeon Goseong-ri 616, Gyeonggi-do Gapyeong-gun

I also ask bus schedule and bus stop at petite France to Cheongpyeong station.
Here is bus schedule :
14.50 (won 1.200), 15.50 (won 5.000 –Gapyeong city tour bus), 16.50 (won 1.200).

It’s a small France village, just take your time, try korean snack. Also there were stamp hide inside the room, if I can collect 10 stamp, it can be exchange with Petite France merchandise. But I only had 2 stamp, since I’m lazy to find it.

I like this place, not too crowded, nice place, nice view, just relax and enjoy it. At 16.00 o’clock there were classic performance at Amphetite theater, about +/- 15 minutes.

At 16.50 we went to bus stop back to Cheongpyeong station. There were direction inside the bus (English alphabet), and the last stop is Gapyeong, but I wanna get off at Cheongpyeong bus stop so I had to listen carefully for the notification.

How to ride bus at South Korea, when get in the bus, tap the card beside the bus driver. When going to get off, before the station, stand beside the door, and tap the card, so when the bus stop, we directly get off.

We get off at Cheongpyeong bus stop and wanna reach Cheongpyeong station with taxi. But no empty taxi there. So I went to a store, to ask direction.
But unfortunately, the shopkeeper is a couple of haraboeji and halmeoni, which can’t spoke English. Aigoo....

So I try to speak korean :
“Choneun Cheongpeyong station ga.....”
Means : I want to go to Cheongpyong station..
But my sentence wasn’t complete (Korea Grammar : Subject + Object + Predicate, but the predicate had particle) – luckly halmeoni understand what I want, she said :
aegi, noneun Cheongpeyong station gasipseoyo”

Then haraboeji said no taxi here, I’ve got to made a phone call to ride taxi. Even I didn’t know korean language, but I understand what they said.

Halmeoni said : “Teksi number opssoyo?”

Haraboeji directly made a phone call to order taxi and tell them my destination.
Oh, what a lucky day – by the way to day is brithdays, such a nice gift from people I didn’t know.
I was so happy and say thank you in many language, Korea, English, China hehehe....

Haraboeji told me it’s only take 1 minutes, and he told me to wait in front of the store. I didn’t knew korea language, what I know is il fun = 1 minute.

1 minutes after that, a taxi came, and the drive was good looking oppa. I say nothing just get in and he drove to Cheongpyeong station, fare won. 3.900.
The driver was polite, when we get off, he say “annyeonghaseyo”, and I reply “ne, annyeonghaseyo”.

So we take subway back to Seoul, get off at Angguk station – exit 6.
Destination : Dinner - Balwoo 2nd branch.

From exit 6, I turn left (small alley), walk straight, then turn left to main street at Insandong, turn right, then walk till I saw Insadong Tourism Information Center, turn left, just walk till the end of the street, Balwoo 2nd branch at the corner of the street.
Infront of Balwoo is Jogyesa Temple.

Balwoo 2nd branch (Vegan) was one recommend place to eat, but the menu was expensive. I order mushroom rice menu – cost won. 9.000. Taste not too good, all type mushroom was at my plate. My friend order a set of complete meals cost won 10.000 (seems like it was korean traditional menu). The other eat at different place (they eat bulgogi – meat).
At here I taste kimchi, and I didn’t like it.

After finish our meals, we just cross the street to Jogyesa temple. Since we visit Seoul at May – there were lanterns festival held on May every year, this year they held tomorrow – Saturday May 19, 2012.
So the temple was full lanterns hang above. Since it’s already night, the light was turn on, it was beautiful. Not only at the temple, along Insadong street, main street at Seoul was hang with lantern.

Jogyesa temple not too big. It’s only one main building. Inside the Building, there were 3 giant Budha statue – like Sakyamuni Budha. Some peolpe pray, not using dupa, I only had short visit at here.

After that we continue to next destination : Cheonggye Cheon
To go there, we cross the street then walk to the left to bus stop. Bus number : 9710 – red colour. Only 1 stop, get off at Cheonggye Plaza.

From Insadong to Cheonggye Cheon, the bus cross Gwanghwamun Gate – the gate was beautiful at night, and Gwanghwamun Square – King Sejong statue and Admiral Shi statue also fountain at Gwanghwamun square was beautiful at night too.

From bus stop, cross the street, go down stair, there were Cheonggye Cheon.
Cheonggye Cheon at night was beautiful, many lantern and 12 china zodiak (with lamp) along the river.
And there were bazaar tomorrow at Cheonggye Cheon, so it’s crowded and cold. And the artist already testing the stage. She sing traditional song, as I herad at Heartstring Drama series.
I think best time to visit Cheonggye Cheon is 18.30 (South korea time).

Since it’s crowded we can’t sit there and it was cold, so after we finish take photograph here, we moved to next destination – Dongdaemun Market. It’s already 21.00 pm.

One mistake I made here. We suppose to go Dongdaemun by taxi, of course it can be reach by subway, but it wasting a lot of time for walk inside the station. And Dongdaemun market was far away from the subway station.

From the exit we just walk, till we saw Dongdemun gate, and take picture at here. Then visit to Daiso, all price is Won. 1.000/2.000/3.000. At here I buy Manicure set won 1.000, Spon and chopstick set won 2.000.

The I ask direction with the pedestrian, she said that it still far, we need to walk just go straight. I better take taxi to here. It’s really really far. And before it we went to wrong place, it’s seem grocery place.

We walk till front of Doota, many pedestrian food there, and many local people gathering there. It’s crowded, but we already tired, and it’s aleady 23.45, we decide to go back to hostel. And no taxi infront of Doota, we’ve got to stop taxi at the street. And It’s really hard to find it, since many people stop taxi at the street too.

The driver charge us won 25.000 to Sinchon hostel. I know it was far, but the fare was too expensive, and since it’s already late night, and the driver know we’re not local peolple. My friends all already tired, so we take that taxi.

The taxi driver was young, but not polite at all.
Suggestion from me, take taxi with driver is ajoessi, better and save.

Here my expenditure for the second day :

Expenditure (per person) :
Gapyeong - Nami Island
Nami Island
Entrance fee
Rent Bike

Nami Island - Gapyeong
Petite France
Entrance fee
Choengpyeong station
Balwoo 2nd branch
Dongdaemun - Sinchon Hostel


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